Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I got lots of great ideas on how to down size my craft stash including having a swap or give away. Is anyone interested? I've never organized one of these things before and since my reader base is on the small (very small) side I'm not sure if it would work. E-mail me with thoughts (link to the right) and maybe between all of us we could get something organized. I know I have things that someone else would put to good use.

Speaking of stashing, I picked all this up at the thrift on Saturday:

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That's 2 bags of poly-fil, a bag of novelty yarn (that's yours Dita!), a bag of lace trims for a project Mom is working on, a bag of green braided trim and two pieces of flannel I *hope* to turn into a wee wonderfuls bear. I would like to modify the pattern to make it a boy bear for Luis' God son, Christopher. I think the total cost was around $7 or $8. Later this week I'll post pictures of my craft room (oh yes, I have a whole room) so you can see my mess. :) This is why I must purge!

I also thrifted these two linen tea towels:

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Both are Fingal 100% linen made in Ireland. I paid 49 cents each for them. I can't not buy graphic tea towels! (Anyone else have this condition?)

Tomorrow I'll post about my crafty endeavors of the past weekend but in the meantime please check out Heidi's ribbon topiary. I love it!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the yarn!! And you can count on me to help you de-stash since I will have a crafting room after this weekend and will have plenty of room. I think i may paint in there. I've got a few ideas, but it might have to wait until after ther holidays sinc eI'm behind on gift making.


SweetGeorge said...

I would totally love to do a swap. I was thinking the exact smae thing. email me or visit my blog www.sweetgeorge.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Dita girl - you NEED a craft room! I'm so glad you'll finally have one! With your creative and clever brain whirring all the time, there's GOT to be a place where you can go work your magic! Of course I'm biased - I think all of us crafty girls need a craft room. Mine is more of a "multi-purpose" room, but it works! (Well, okay... it's getting there.)

Anonymous said...

what a great idea for a swap. Do you have any guidelines set up that I missed? Like, how much are we sending, xs stuff we have, or are we getting new stuff for our swap partners? I might be interested but I mostly paint so that's what I have the most of....however looking to EXPAND into new horizons :)

you can email me at johl3 at windstream dot net



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