Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Back in Black

Well black and grey honestly. I've taken quite a lot of cold medicine today so bear with me. My brain is a bit fuzzy.

The weekend was good! The wedding was fun and the bride certainly had a good time. Mom, Mandi* (my illustrious sister) and I got a lot done for my upcoming bridal tea party and we still managed to fit in some thrifting time. Since I am swamped at work today I will only give you a quickie. This is my VERY FAVORITE thing thrifted this weekend:

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vintage terry cloth table cloth - $5 - my Mom said she thought these were popular in the 60s. I love it! What a perfect picnic cloth. Now I'm ready for a picnic. Maybe I can fit one in this weekend with Dita and Nine? You know, after we make pumpkin pancakes, watch a movie, drink wine and sight see.



Oh and don't forget to sign up for the swap! I've already starting creating piles!

* - if you visit Mandi's site, yes, that is Sting and yes that is me on the right. ;) You can see more of her portfolio here.


Sarah and Jack said...

Wow! Lucky you. (Now I will have fields of gold in my head all day. LOL)

Heidi said...

That tablecloth is just darling! I know you said you were looking for one to use as a picnic cloth, and I think you found the perfect one!


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