Friday, March 14, 2008

The Dust Bunnies are Staging a Coup

Sigh . . . where is SPRING? I know we are all wondering that. I really need to open my windows and get some fresh air in the house but it's still much too cold. Just one nice day in the mid 50s please!

And on another tangent . . . I need to clean. Like really clean. SPRING clean, if you will. Everything is so dusty and drab. Blah. I do clean, in case it sounds like I don't, but you know what I mean. Take everything off the shelves, out of the cabinets, etc. and really dust and mop and do all those things that I really don't want to do yet somehow cannot bring myself to spend the money to pay someone else to do.

In other bunny news:

So simple and oh-so-cute. I used a pattern from Crafty Carnival. (It's the bunny pillow pattern on the sidebar, I'm having some issues opening anything on Typepad today!) I actually enlarged Missy's pattern by 200% to get these 6 inch bunnies. She has some really nice patterns if you haven't been there before. Lots of talent over there! The purple flower fabric is from a pillow case scrap Vallen used to wrap something in a swap we did last year. How is that for recycling!

The bunnies are standing on the Le Lux Eye Pillow from Handknit Holidays. I've said before, I love this book. I actually knit the outer part back around Christmas and then forgot about it. I made the fabric "sack" this weekend and filled it with lavendar and lentils and did a single crochet around the edges to close it up. I believe the pattern calls for a mattress stitch but I liked this better. It has a nice weight to it and a great smell, not too over powering. I already started knitting another one, it's a very simple gift idea.

Now the bunnies are sleeping. Hope to whip up a few more of these little buggers over the weekend and attempt to spread some Easter joy in time for the holiday. It's really coming up soon!

Have a fab weekend my friends.



Handi Dandi Mandi said...

Such cute bunnies! I love their ears!

Sarah and Jack said...

The bunnies are darling. That print is so springy.

Lucy said...

Amen sista'. I need to do some Spring Cleaning too before the dust bunnies take over the corners of the house!

Love your bunnies :) Sooo adorable!

Kai said...

Doggone it, Rebecca! Now I just HAVE to make some of these lil' cuties! And - gasp - I sew BY HAND so it's going to take a couple of forevers. But as adorable as they are - gotta do it! Yours are WONDERFUL and so is the pillow! Look how that lavender put the wabbits right to sleep! Zzzzzzzzz!

Jenn Maruska said...

So cute! : D


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