Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Return of the Wizard Helmets

Remember these? I was reminded today when I saw Jennifer's post about making these for her sweet daughters birthday that I never shared the final pictures.

Mandi set the tables up beautifully!

Every place setting had not only a Wizard Helmet but also a paper crafted menu. Hopefully Mandi will be able to share more on her blog soon. She's crazy busy with wedding plans!

And one last shot of some Wizard Helmets in action:

That would be me in the front there with a ridiculous grin and my cousin Lisa to my left. Fun was had by all!



Joyce said...

Those hats are gorgeous! Great pics

jungle dream pagoda said...

What precious party favors!...and you look adorable!

Jenn Maruska said...

Ah, the wizard hats in action!

I love it! : )

Natasha said...

Oh my what a "magic" time that had to have been!!

Jennifer said...

So cool!

Breanna said...

They look great!

Vallen said...

You are THE cutest fairy princess, wizardess EVER in the world starting back from day one.

KARA said...

how gorgeous looks like you all had a real fun time.

oak wind farm said...

That last pic really made me smile! How cute!


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