Monday, June 21, 2010


So on Friday I had all the boring errands to run, groceries, Costco, blech. I wanted to go to the thrift store but it really wasn't in the same area and honestly I wasn't FEELING it, you know? Now this thrift is good but a little pricey, far out on the island and crowded on the weekends. While I was thinking it over I some how missed my exit. Oh well, off to the thrift now! (Instinct?)

It was a good linens day! (Which is rare lately.) A cute flowered vintage pillow case that will end up as a laundry bag, a cute little hanky with crocheted edging (I can't resist these, I know how much goes in to making those tiny stitches!) and a pretty piece of flowered fabric. Each of these items was only 99 cents which is also rare lately.

A super cute vintage apron. It's a full apron and has the cutest freakin' pocket. Love it! Not bad for $3 since they had another vintage apron that was a bit of a mess, missing a string and was marked $6!

And how cute is this hand made smock? It's a bit small on me (oy) but I love it regardless. It might end up in the shop unless I can bring myself to repurpose it into an apron.

These are little party picks and are too cute. I don't think they are too old and now I'll have to serve a cheese tray for dinner so I can use them.

I also found the mother load of cute vintage Crazy Eights and Snap cards.

Adorable, right? I kept a bunch and split the others up into sets and put them in my shop. You can find them here. Now what to make with them? I particularly like the circus ones.

This find is from when I was visiting my Mom:

It's a belt that is WAY too small for me and honestly, not my style. However, I love Egyptian things and these are scarab beetles. So I want to remake it into something I will wear. I'm thinking a bracelet and some kind of necklace using that big pink scarab on the right side.

So that's that. Don't forget to stop by this post and leave a comment to be entered to win some crafty goodies.

hugs ~ rr


Elise said...

I say instinct-totally. I feel the shops calling my name sometimes and I find the best stuff.
Love all your goodness!!

Lemondrop Marie said...

i love love that scarab belt, you have some fabulous finds there! That Santa face is precious.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Kai said...

Houston may be a big ol' city, but I SWEAR it SUCKS as far as thrift places go! There ARE some but they are primarily over-priced rip-off things that are REALLY not the things I want to buy anyway. I need to go thrift with YOU! One of these days, I hope that comes to pass! All your new finds ROCK! You KNOW my fave is the Santa!

Jane said...

Great finds. I have been finding "card" themed things lately too. Where were those things during our card themed swap?? Glad you were able to get your thrift on! The thrift gods owe you after your long absence this past year.

see you there! said...

Great thrifting. I have a weakness for old linens of any kind.



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