Monday, July 09, 2007

Long Overdue

Hello! Yes I'm still here. Just been busy with work and holidays and all that. :) How are YOU? I have so much blog reading to catch up on! Hopefully soon you'll be seeing me in your comments section. :)

So no messing around, let's get right to the thrifty goodness . . .

brown "transferware" plate - $2 - I collect these in all colors. It started with a set of blue and white dishes found years ago at a Goodwill. Now I am lucky enough to find one here and there and currently have at least one of each color (brown, green, red & blue) in my collection. We eat off of these plates, they are not displayed.

blue enamel pitcher - 50 cents - cute, blue, little. :)

Lotus Bowls - 79 cents each - these are Pier One and I was very lucky to find four at such a bargain price! I have some smaller lotus bowls, rice bowls I believe, in white and pale blue.

Mikasa Ruffles Basket - $1 - I love white accents and this is nice as a "catch-all" on my dresser.

Maryland tin - 25 cents - as you know, I am from Maryland and was tickled to find this in a Long Island thrift store.

cocktail napkins - 49 cents each - there are 6 of these and only one is a little damaged. I love the tiny blue embroidery.

blue & white mug - $2 - just pretty I thought. From Harry & David. I have a small blue and white plate from there that this matches pretty well.

egg cups - $2 - originally from Marshall's and already stashed away for next year's Easter brunch.

Pyrex gravy boat - $3 - I have another one of these in a different pattern. I am planning to put small plants in them for the kitchen. Maybe herbs. Cute, no?

frame - $1 - this is one of those vintage frames I just adore. That brown in the frame edging is wood. I have one that is just the same but has mother of pearl in the edging. I think this one will hold a picture of Luis as it's quite masculine don't you think?

sea shell box - $2 - I plan to gift this. I may have a thing for little boxes. Maybe I plan to keep this LOL

linen tea towel - $1 - Mom's ARE special.

hot pad - 49 cents - you can never have too many of these. I thought this one was particularly cool.

green depression glass champagne glasses? - $2 each - champagne? sherbet? I don't care, I love the color of the glass. I do think it is vaseline glass though not really sure. The rims are a bit chipped but I plan to use them for display so I'm okay with that. :)

And my FAVORITE finds?

How awesome is that bike basket??? Do you SEE the tassel? Oh I love it. It's already gone to the sunroom to be a holder for mail. Don't know if it's vintage or not. And the milk glass sherbet dish? Definitely a close second to the basket as I've been looking for some milk glass items to accent my living room shelves. It must have been compote dish day as I found this one and the two greens ones plus a very cool clear glass one that I realized was broken when I got home. :(

And last but certainly not least, I found this sheet:

Gorgeous! I think someone made the sheet as the stitching is a bit dodgy in places and there are no tags. It's a nice heavy cotton, too. Now if only I sewed . . . LOL . . . don't worry, I will use this for something I just know it. Pretty tote bag maybe? To line a knit bag? To make that bed side organizer thing from the Amy Butler book?

I'm going on vacation and won't be back for a week. I'll post when I return!


PS - don't forget the deadline for sending out your Summer Fun Swap is now July 23rd!


Roxanne said...

Love all your great finds! I have the same fabric/sheet! I got it in a big bag of fabric at a garage sale. It was mostly scraps though, so I figured it was just fabric. I used mine in a picnic quilt I posted about back in May. Small thrifting world I guess, huh!! Have a great vacation!

Dana said...

Glad to see you hadn't fallen of the face of the planet. I was starting to wonder!

My package for the swap is all ready to go! I'm just waiting for a little while. Plus, I love to keep YOU in suspense!

Sarah and Jack said...

Do you guys have a blacklight? The green glasses will glow if they are vaseline.

Unknown said...

I just came to post the same thing that Sarah did about the blacklight. You'll have to take one of the glasses in your purse next time you go out clubbing, LOL!

Glad you're back! :)

Vallen said...

You are the best thrift finder in the universe!! I love everything but lust after the sheet and the bike basket. Hey, you'll be sewing in no time!!

Anonymous said...

love that bike basket and yes, herbs would be adorable in the gravy boat!!

Shara said...

That "Moms are Special" towel is a Valorie's item - made in Springdale, Arkansas by a lady I actually KNOW!!! SMALL WORLD!!!!!!

Jane said...

Welcome back and Bon Voyage! I was so thrilled that I didn't have plans on the 4th because there were sales at a few thrifts! Is there anything better than a thrift store 50%off sale!? I think not! Anyway, I think that sheet would be terrific made up into the AB bedside organizer!

Anonymous said...

I love to see what you find, some great thrifts there!



jungle dream pagoda said...

Great finds love all of the sherbert glasses! I will have to live through you guys for a bit,as I am trying not too thrift right now! WAH !!

Mama Said Sew said...

What lucky thrifty finds! Love the transferware bowl. The sheet looks really nice too. You should definitely sew something with

Jodi Ohl said...

Enjoy your vacation!!!

I haven't seen one of those bike baskets since I was a youngin so I think it is vintage...heheh! :)

I can definitely see the fabric as a pretty tote or perhaps a springtime apron.

Can't wait to see everyone's Swap items!!! whoooohoooo!



Ooooh Great stuff!
I especially Love the Milk Glass!
I have it all over my House.

You have really given me the itch to get out there today & see what Treasures I can find :o)

Julie said...

How about using the fabric to make a liner for your new bike basket?

Breanna said...

I have that same brown plate, I found mine at the dump!! Could you use another? Maybe it could be included in that little swap that seems to be calling our names...


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