Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Inspiration Station

So around blogland you'll see lots of way people obtain and organize their inspiration. I myself use Bloglines for my inspiring reads (thanks Sarah!) and keep notebooks of the things I would like to make or replicate.

I always use quad ruled composition books and quad ruled computation notebooks.

Because of the large pages in the computation notebook I use it for magazine clippings and things I've printed from the Internet. You can fit a whole page and still have room for notes in the margin. I use Pritt Glue-It rollers for the adhesive. I love them but they don't seem to last very long. I use the composition books for lists and designing. I like the quad ruled because I make little check off boxes for my "to dos" and also can go by a scale, 1 block equals 1 inch or whatever, for designing. This is a system that works well for me. When inspiration strikes, I just grab a notebook and write it down! I also use red pen as contrast so I'll notice the notes I made right away. Also, I sort of like red pen.

So what else is new? I haven't made any progress on that baby blanket but I agree with the consensus to keep it one color. Thank you all for your thoughts! They were very helpful. Now I'm deciding if I want to keep it at all because it just doesn't seem like a practical blanket for a baby. I just see little hands getting caught in the lace sigh . . . That seems to be the way it goes for me lately, a whole lot of starting and then restarting but no finishing. I did, however, manage to finish this:

It's my favorite baby bonnet pattern and was a custom order from Melissa. She is a photographer and wanted it as a prop for her baby portraits! I'm very excited to see it on film, pretty cool huh? You can visit Melissa's blog here. Her baby pictures are so cute!

So I'm off to Baltimore tomorrow night for my Sister's Fairytale Picnic. I'm really looking forward to it and will be back on Monday with lots of pictures to share. I had such a great time planning my Bridesmaid's Tea Party that I know this will be a fun event as well. Have a fabulous looooong weekend and I'll see you next week!



jungle dream pagoda said...

I actually tried to comment yesterday,I know typepad was down,but somehow blogger wouldn't let me comment to you! Ah ,the mysteries of blogland! I was going to vote one color,but thats an excellent point about little hands being caught. Though my girls still use their baby blankies.

Natasha said...

I love that you shared your notebooks, what a great idea. I love compostion note books but never thought about using a computation notebook for cut out pics. I guess the word computation makes me a bit quesey so I would have to look the other way!!

Roxanne said...

I love seeing how other people organize their inspiration. Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are organized. I'm lucky to rip something from a magazine once in a while. Then Puff eats it...

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, are you seriously that organized?~! That is just. Mental.
lol lol lol!!
I'm just funnin. You know I'm envious that I'm not quite so clever!
Hey, you have a pkg of crap in the mail! Lemme know when you get it and don't feel obligated to keep any of it. Seriously. Use whatcha want and throw away the rest. I was cleaning you see.... and... welll... your box was sitting there with room to spare so.
Excuse the ultra crap wrapping too. I was not feeling foofy this time.
'luv ya though! mean it!

Jodi Ohl said...

Have fun at your sister's picnic, I'm sure it's going to be creative as all get out! Can't wait to see the pics.

Nice idea about the computation book, I hadn't thought of that either. Right now my inspiration pictures are in a big big big pile with no home of their own. Looks like a project might be in the making (again) :) Thanks!


Breanna said...

I recently started an inspiration book- I hop I actually follow through with it. I adore your baby bonnet, it is so sweet! Have a great weekend!

Thriftin' Gal @ Junk In My Trunk said...

Oh MY goodness, you are truly organized! You are my inspiration :) I am embarrased to say (even though we just moved) I have fifty million gazillion boxes of crafting stuff all over my house, and I have not even made a dent in it to set it all up again. I got set in my ways the way I used to have it all arranged, and it won't work that way now. Will you come and organize my stuff? Please? Pretty please??? LOL

Calgon...take me away! :)

Vallen said...

Hope the magic wand keeps up with you ladies. Have a marvelous time.

Kara said...

wow you are so clever.
I love the baby bonnett.
Your books are fab I love them, I always feel silly keep ideas, but you have inspired me, off to see if I can find those books here in the UK.
P.S. what is bloglines

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

This is fantastic! I am not a naturally organized person, so I really love seeing how creative people organize both their space and their ideas! Thanks for the tips :-)

Jenn Maruska said...

Oh, Rebecca that bonnet is beautiful! You are so talented. Absolutely lovely.

I really enjoyed seeing your design books - wow! You are one organized gal!!! Thanks for sharing that with us : )


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