Thursday, June 12, 2008

Brand Names

When I thrift, I am always looking for vintage items. Usually linens, fabric and sewing items. I also look for books and jewelry. But I also look for DEALS.

All of these items came from my thrifting trips last Friday. All of them are brand names. Here is my cost breakdown:

Gray Le Creuset 2 qt round oven - I couldn't find this exact pot so it could be older but I only paid $7 for it! The lid is a bit wonky so I think it was a second but I love it anyway. The newer 2 qt pots retail for around $125. This is my second Le Creuset thirft store find.

Pampered Chef classic covered batter bowl - retails for $15 but I got mine for $3

Bodum French Press - also retails for $15 and I paid $7. My DH had coffee from a French press for the first time last week and loved it so I was actually looking for one! And I love Bodum, I have a gorgeous chrome and glass tea press from them.

Yankee Candle Illuma-Lid - retail for $10 and mine was a mere 99 cents. I have a few Yankee Candles stashed away for fall and this will go nice with them. :)

So all in all I think I did pretty good! And all things that I needed, right? RIGHT?

Also on that thrifty trip I added a few linen tea towels to my collection:

The collection is growing! Thank goodness the towels are usually 99 cents or less at thrift.


Coming tomorrow, that give away I promised. Basically I need some shameless self promotion for the Goodness Shop and I'm asking that anyone who mentions my shop on their blog and links to it will get an entry into the give away. I'll be giving away some of those fabulous Faith Austin hankies that I'll be featuring in the Goodness Shop. :) Stay Tuned! Shameless, I know. :)



The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Wow, you totally scored with that Dutch oven! I use mine to make No Knead Bread--it's fabbo.

Heather said...

Wow! Great finds! I have been coming across a lot of Pampered Chef lately at my local thrift store - - I've always wanted one of their shaped tea bread pans, and got one for 25 cents!

Jenn Maruska said...

Great finds!

And do let us know when you score some great vintage trims... : D

Christy said...

Wonderful thrifty finds! I've found quite a few Pampered Chef pieces, but no Le Creuset. I'll have to keep looking. :)

wayfarer said...

what finds! i'd love to find some le creuset!


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