Thursday, May 29, 2008

Slithering to a Shop near you . . .

And finally in the Goodness Shop . . . . Goodness Soft Snakes!

Sampson Snake & Sylvia Von Slitherton! I do love making these guys. There is a third in the works. I also added a lovely piece of vintage fabric and two vintage books - one of carols and one of hymns that would be great for use in altered art! and don't forget about my other goodies! I hope to do a bigger update this weekend with those promised vintage wrapping paper packs and some wonderful vintage hankies I recently scored. You will DIE when you see their cuteness. I'm still deciding which ones I'm keeping. :)

Want a sneak peek??

And these pictures don't do them justice. I could do a whole post on them! I seriously hope some sell as there are 152 if them! Yikes.



Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

Hi, Rebecca! I love those hankies! I'm far from an expert, but are they signed? I'm just wondering if you might want to check on eBay, because it's amazing what some of the artist-signed ones go for. Just thought I'd mention it before you sell them for a song. Good luck!

Leigh Ann said...

What great eye-candy. I love me those snakes!

LA xo

Vallen said...

Put me in for all the hankies you showed. I want them all. Don;t show me more, I'll want them all, too.

Wendy said...

OMG how cute! Love the birdcages & butterflies!

woof nanny said...

Wait! I want the fleur di lis! And the birdcages. And maybe the mushroom.


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