Friday, December 01, 2006

And they called her . . . The Felt Queen

Yes. I like felt. And I like blanket stitch. I like them because I can sew stuff by hand in front of the TV while drinking copious amount of Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. That is my kind of crafting.

Vaxgirl put it into my head that I needed to make these sewing kits in a jar ala Martha. I had the same problem as she did in that it was damn hard to get the freakin' lids to go back on the jars once you made the pin cusion tops. Well I solved that problem with a lot of cursing and by removing the actual metal lid part, replacing it with a piece of heavy cardstock and shoving it down in there with a knitting needle. More proof that all that "easy" stuff done by Martha is really done by demons on loan from her deal with you-know-who. Just kidding Martha, I really love you, I do.

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I found the jars yesterday at the dollar store. I will probably try to pick up a few more today. The fabric I used for the pin cusion top is actually upolstry fabric and it would probably be easier with something a little lighter. Inside, so far, I have some red and white buttons, white thread, safety pins and these felt needle books I made:

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I need to get some needles, thimbles and those little gold bird scissors. Great gift! :)

As I mentioned before, I'm enjoying making felt items because I can locate myself in the living room and catch up on my soap opera, I mean THE NEWS. Ahem. This is a very portable craft. I took a thrifted picnic hamper and turned it into the felt station:

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The loops on the lid, meant for utensils, make great scissor holders. There are pockets all around the lining for thread, buttons, etc. and all my lovely felt and fabric fits inside along with a circle template (for making yo-yos) and my favorite pin cusion made for me by Sara. *big grin*

I'm so glad it's Friday! Tomorrow I get to meet Vaxgirl and thrift the day away. Fun! Sunday I'm making Luis go shopping with me. Not so fun. I also hope to make my own version of these adorable dress ornaments by Posey. Out of, you guessed it, FELT.

ciao mi dulci bellas . . . may the felt be plentiful in your homes.



Sarah and Jack said...

The needle books are darling and such a good idea. I am constantly losing those things. (And we are snowed in and now you have made me have a thrift store jones, bad woman you!)

flanthrower said...

I continue to be amazed by your many uses for felt.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for felt! I'm all about the not-hemming stuff, oh yeah. I love your Felt picnic hamper--that is way too clever! Going to store that one away in my memory banks for sure. Hope you have a fun weekend--can't wait to see what you girls find!

Anonymous said...

They're all so cute! The hamper is wonderful...I desperately need to replace my sewing box and now I know what the new one will be. Just need to keep an eye out for a basket!

Bee said...

Oh... loving the jars! I'm dying now to go rummage thru my mothers box of old canning jars and make one (or two) of these. The hamper is adorable and so are the felt needlebooks.

VaxGirl said...

OK, now I hate you, LOL! I finally gave up and used a glass lid jar which had its own set of issues...

Heidi said...

ohmygod, that picnic basket it way too clever of an idea. I have one (wedding gift) but it doesn't have all the nice little loops and pockets. Still, I never thought of storing crafts in there... Brilliant!

You know I am a lover of felt, too.

Anonymous said...

Dang!! And to think I passed up a picnic basket for 2 dollars this summer. Had I only thought of the multi-purpose uses of it, I would have snapped it off!

I love the glass jar pincushion idea, and the needle books...too cute!

I agree whole heartedly with your idea of mobile crafting!! LOL Enjoy your thriftadventure with Vaxgirl, I hope you gals have an awesome time!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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jungle dream pagoda said...

How great,I love the picnic basket as sewing basket!

Chris said...

What a great gift! Love them. You are very creative although I don't share your love of Martha-she drives me crazy for some odd reason.

shirlee said...

I love the idea of the picnic basket for mobile crafting. I had a great thrifted picnic basket a couple of years ago. It was rectangular and looked like a suitcase. But I accidently left it behind in a previous home, along with the cat food. Guess I was anxious to move.


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