Sunday, March 27, 2011

Taking the Plunge

For years now I've been fascinated by all the fabulous projects in Japanese craft books. Particularly the sewing projects. As Japan has been on my mind a lot lately I decided to stop into Kinokuniya.

The flagship store on Avenue of the Americas is huge so you can just imagine the selection of craft books. I could have spent hours flipping through then all. I started with sewing projects but as I'm not very good at sewing in English, ahem, I moved on to knit and crochet, many of which use universal charts. Still not what I was looking for. Finally I landed in the embroidery section.

Let's call it . . . Idees Vol. 12. :) Some of my favorite projects:

Love these! 

Perfect for summer, no?

I want this set for myself.

And this might just be my favorite. But it's hard to decide.

So what did I start with? Inspired by this:

I started my own red work sampler:

It's come a long way since I took this photo and I'm enjoying finding elements to add from this book and other cross stitch pattern books. It's something I can grab to work on while watching TV or if I only have a few moments. I can't wait to see the finished product.



Sarah said...

as soon as sammi is big enough to wear slippers there will be a half animal pair like those in this house!

craftynan said...

HIYA , the photos are gorgeous and i really love teh little cat and dog slippers soooo cute , your sample looks like it will turn out great so looking forward to seeing it x tfs

Zakka Life said...

The Kinokuniya bookstore is my absolute favorite!

I love all the pictures from your embroidery book. I especially like the cat and dog slippers. Too cute!


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