Sunday, March 13, 2011

Don't muffin it up . . .

In an attempt to try to be more domestic I made muffins from scratch on Thursday morning. I got up super early and made them before I started work. Amazing, I know.

Based on this recipe for butternut squash muffins though adjusted to suit my curiosity and pantry. I recently made a pumpkin cake and had half of a large can left over so I substituted that for the squash. I also substituted half the flour for whole wheat flour, added chopped walnuts and ground flax seed. And since I was out of eggs I used apple sauce instead plus 2 TBS of canola oil.

Not bad, but next time I think I'll up the amount of pumpkin pie spice or maybe add some ginger. They needed a bit more zing.

In my effort to cook more I've tried or am trying the following recipes:

Chicken Marsala - delicious! It tasted just like a restaurant dish. :) A keeper.

Fettuccine with sweet pepper cayenne sauce - good, however I substituted Cajun seasoning for the cayenne, added smoked turkey sausage and deglazed the pan with sherry so a totally different meal.

Slow Cooker Tortilla Soup - in the crock pot now!

Chicken & Black Bean Casserole - to be served with the soup tonight (DH does not think soup equals a meal.)

Asian Turkey Meatballs - on deck for tomorrow night though I might make a sweet coconut rice as the side.

Also have plans for corned beef with sweet potatoes (I know, I know but I have a really hard time eating white potatoes) and chicken enchiladas. What new things have you been making?

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