Friday, November 07, 2008

Vintage FOUND

As you know, I am always on the look out for vintage in the thrift store. While it is readily found in antique stores and at flea markets, thrifts are a different story. So it's such a thrill to uncover vintage articles and of course I always pick them up either for myself, friends or the shop.

Usually my "route" in the thrift store includes stops at the linens, books, jewelry and housewares. I rarely look at clothes anymore though something possessed me to peek at the costumes last weekend.

A vintage little girl's communion dress complete with veil. I know I didn't NEED it but I couldn't just leave it there either. (I'm sensing a pattern with me, are you? lol) And see that hanger? It's covered in crochet in gold thread and has a soft green velvet ribbon. The dress was hanging on it at the thrift and I didn't even have to ask the lady if I could have it. :)

Sweet buttons on the bodice and eyelet lace . . . so cute!

Also found at the thrift, two vintage beaded bags. I doubt I'll be parting with these! :)

This is the same thrift where I found that gorgeous seam binding. I wrapped some up to send to The Queen and hope to offer some cards like this in The Shop soon. It really is lovely and I have more than I'll ever use. :)

And how is little Lincoln doing?

Spending some quality with our larger version of him. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!



Miss Lila in Atlanta said...

I have been going to thrift stores since I was 15. I'm 61 now. My two gorgeous daughters love thrifting too.
You did good today.
Miss Lila in Atlanta

Heather said...

Wow...great finds! I spend a little time thrifting yesterday too, and finally found the vintage harvest gold Tupperware tumblers I've been searching for. Yay! I've been having some great luck lately, finding vintage fabrics at the thrift store. If you ask me, there is nothing better than a successful trip to the thrift store.

Citygirl-Em said...

Hey Bec,
Glad to see you got some more goodies!

Your new little guy is just irresistable. A little version of Mason, for sure. Kiss his nose for me, will you?

jungle dream pagoda said...

I love the we communion dress! So sweet! Big hugs sorry I've been so scarce lately!

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Rebecca ~ great finds! I was the same way when I found a christening dress at a recent trip to the thrift store!!! Fell in love with it and had to have it!

Lincoln is just too cute!


Diane said...

There's no way I could have left the dress behind either! Good stuff. Or Goodness stuff :)

That puppy is too cute for words.

Thank you, I received my package today. It's wonderful!

Anonymous said...

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