Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tea, Anyone?

I participated in Diane's Falling {Tea} Leaves swap and was matched with Danielle. Boy was I lucky! She sent the most wonderful swap!

Gorgeous hot pads and tea cozy that match my house perfectly! You can see my glass tea pot modeling the cozy, it fits perfectly! Some lovely hand stamped note cards, English Breakfast Tea, which is a favorite, autumn leave shaped sprinkles (which will look great on the gingerbread cupcakes I'm making) and spiced sugar cubes! I can't wait to try them, they are soaking up their spices now. Oh and THESE:

The most delicious pumpkin hazelnut biscotti I have ever had! And I am not exaggerating! I love it and so does the DH.

Here's a closeup of the gorgeous cozy. Danielle said she had a hard time giving it away but I am very glad she did!

Here is what I sent Danielle:

Vintage napkins, tea cups, tea towel and a pale blue milk glass creamer. Plus one of my tea cup pot holders, a variety of caffeine free herbal teas, a tea ball and my favorite tea party recipes!

Thank you, Danielle, for the wonderful swap and thanks, Diane, for pairing us up!

I also did a personal swap with my dear friend Sid. However, I didn't take any pictures except this one:

She made these gorgeous earring from pearls she got on her trip to Alaska. I've already worn them several times. I hate that I have no photos to share, I've already dispersed all my wonderful gifts into my home, but Sid posted a few photos here of what she sent me and what I sent her (which I also forgot to photograph, doh!)

I've got some really cute crafts to share this week. We had our first annual holiday crafting tea over the weekend and we made some fabulous things! I'm hoping to have time to write up a few tutorials as well.

And where is my usual gratuitous puppy shot?


fondly ~ Rebecca


flanthrower said...

Oh goodness! What a cute little guy!

Thimbleanna said...

Awww, you've worn the little puppy out! What a fun idea for a swap -- looks like you got some great stuff (not to mention GAVE some great stuff!)

Puff said...

The baby looks adorable! Those paws are getting huge!

sexy said...


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