Monday, August 11, 2008

Odds & Ends

Aww . . . you guys . . . thank you so much for making me feel better about that disaster with the Tea Shop. Everyone of your comments was so kind and heartfelt. It truly made me feel loads better. I still have a few to answer and I will do so but for those of you whose email does not show up on comments THANK YOU. Thanks to everyone. I think my next step will be to send a certified letter and we'll go from there. I've been informed that their website is unavailable now. Hmmm . . .

Anyway, enough of that talk. I've been really trying to be productive and use up some of my supplies.

These came out quite a bit cuter than I thought. I made two in this green pattern and two in this pink:

The covers are just single crochet sewn over the hangers (I just eyeballed the length and width) and the flowers are from Nicky Epstein's Crocheted Flowers. The red rose on the first hanger is actually the one shown on the cover of the book. It's a good source if you want to be able to make different flowers but her projects are a bit crazy as usual. I don't see my self crocheting a bridal bouquet of wedding lilies any time soon. :)

Another great scrap yarn project is the potholder. And since it's summer . . .

Who doesn't love a watermelon potholder? I know Shara sure does! Pop on over and ask her how many she has in her collection. :) These came out nicely! Made with the cheap Lily cotton I can't seem to resist.

Hopefully I'll keep up the momentum!

Thank you again for all the support! Stay tuned, giveaway coming soon!



flanthrower said...

I think I forgot to comment on that last post but man, what a bummer. Just sounds like a weird and shady venture and I'm sorry you had to go through all that.

The watermelon pot-holders are TOO cute! Crocheting is just one of those things that I've still oddly never quite figured out.

~Nancy~ said...

I sent them an email that same day. I shamed them for their poor business practices and told them to pay you or return your items. While it was not my fight, I felt badly for you. Their fresh website was still up then.
What a shame. I hope they do the honorable thing.

Wendy said...

Those watermelons are so cute!

Diane said...

Being productive always makes me feel better too. Great way to lighten the load. Well done on the hangers and adorable pot holders. Cute cute!

Heidi said...

I meant to comment on the other post, but forgot, darn it. I'm so angry for you that they'd be so unprofessional and downright rude! People who lack integrity make me so, so upset. I hope that she has an attack of conscience and sends your things back. Karma can be ugly!

On a happier note, I love the hangers! Those flowers are super cute. My fave is the fluffy pink one! :)

Heather said...

LOVE the watermelon pot cute!

countrygirl3031 said...

I love love love the watermelon potholders. And the hangers are adorable too!!!


Wendy said...

Love the hangars! And yes, like somebody else mentioned, their bad karma will come back to bite them.

Shara said...

I just found this post - how funny to see my name as I was already going "Ohh" and "Aaah" when I saw your potholders! ;o)

This is a safe house for all unwanted thrifted watermelon potholders. I haven't counted lately, but I might have rescued three in the past week. Shhh.

Sorry about your troubles and sorry they felt the need to bad mouth you on their site. Unneccesary!

Rainma said...

I used to be a police dispatcher and seen cases like this all the time. Once they start the poor me (ie, parents ill, death,etc.) & begin to blame you for being so Lancaster PD & find out what you can do to file a report. You may also be able to file a complaint with the FBI since they do computer scams and this sure sounds like one. Then, stand strong because you have all those of us here holding you up. You go girl! They blighted you for their gain and that to me gives them some very bad karma!


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