Wednesday, February 20, 2008


WIP - work(s) in progress

I have a TON of them. Most are knit or crochet projects as I tend to have a short attention span. I could overload your poor computers with all the photos of half done crap at my house. (Don't worry, I won't.) I spent a lot of time on the sofa last weekend as I hurt my hip. Walking. And no, I'm not 85. I have no idea what I even did but it made it difficult to get around without whinging this weekend. I figured since I was sitting about a lot I should attempt to finish up some of my WIPs.

I think I'm going to make these into a scarf/wrap. They are very soft and "bendy" if that makes any sense. I've had this yarn forever, it's Silky Wool by Elsebeth Lavold and I have A LOT of it. And it wasn't cheap. It's a thin yarn and I love the texture but I just can't seem to find the right project for it. Crocheted hexagon pattern from this book. You can actually see the scarf hanging on a peg in the cover picture.

I started this for my sister way back in the summer. It's a kimono style wrap top from Interweave Crochet. This is the back. It woudn't take me that long to do the two front panels but I'm not sure I like it. I find that is a big reason for not finishing things, I don't like the way the project is going and just abandon them. I think I'll press on with this one as the yarn was a bargain and it shouldn't take too much longer to complete. Hopefully it won't look like one of those horrible hand crocheted things one finds in the thrift store bargain bin.

Irish Hiking Scarf made from a favorite yarn of mine, Filatura Summer Soft, which is no longer being made. It really is soft and has great stitch definition. This is an easy cable pattern and I like the way it's coming along. I plan to stash this away for Christmas next year. I feel good about starting early just like VQ.

And guess what? I actually DID finish something while on sofa sabbatical:

It's much cuter in person. :) Also made from Summer Soft, this is a pattern from Baby Crochet one of my all time favorite crochet books. The patterns are modern and sweet. This came out pretty big (I am a bad swatcher) but would fit a 12 month old I would guess. It still needs to be pressed and blocked but I'm happy with it. Most likely will make it's way to an expecting cousin.

I'm sure most of you knitters and crocheters know about these sites but just in case:

Knitting Pattern Central
Crochet Pattern Central

They are very up to date with ALL of the free knit and crochet patterns out there on the internet. You could spend days looking through everything.


PS - don't forget to leave a comment on my Anniversary Post for a chance to win the tiara bag! (and for those interested, tiara bags can be purchased here. Along with your very own Miss America crown. ;) )


Thimbleanna said...

Hey! We are twins aren't we! Your scarf is beautiful -- I love the color. I think my next one will be that color for my mom. Love all your other projects -- you're a busy bee. And, no, there are still some of us out here who have their heads in the sand and didn't know about the pattern sites -- thanks for sharing. (I didn't even know that there was an Irish Hiking Scarf knit along -- did you???)

hunnybunny said...

UFO's every crafters dirty little secret. Everything you are working on looks wonderful so far and that baby sweater is adorable. I love the Irish Hiking Scarf, it's so pretty when it's finished.

Heidi said...

Okay I had no idea that those little bags were for storing your tiaras--I thought they were called "tiara bags" because they had a tiara on the front! LOL That site is a hoot--I think I may need to order myself a scepter. Just 'cause. ;)

Kai said...

HA! I can't WAIT to send your blog link to someone who just told me that I should TRY to do some 'REAL' creating instead of just CRAFTING LITTLE CROCHETED AND COUNTED CROSS STITCH THINGS. She said no one 'does that sort of thing' anymore. Well, I'm GLAD I'm not the only one! And Rebecca, your WIPs are AWESOME Thank you for the Crochet Central link, too! I didn't HAVE that! You made my day!

Heidi said...

nice cables! Hope your hip feels better soon. Mine hurts when it gets cold too. hello, old age!

Jane said...

Great job with all that. My mom has tried to teach me to knit a few times. It never got natural for me and I quickly quit. Your stuff is lovely. I hope you do continue with the kimono wrap.

Vallen said...

And you knit. sigh......someday I hope to be as talented as you are. I love all your projects. Wow!!


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