Monday, February 12, 2007

Getting ahead of myself . . .

First, I can't count (or read) as this is only post number 98 and I thought for sure I'd be up to 99 by today. And since there is no point in writing worthless posts in a effort to get to the magical 100, I've decided to draw the winner of my 100th post giveaway when I return from my honeymoon on March first. And okay, yeah, I'm a bit busy with the wedding only being six days away AND we are expecting some big snow storm this week which results in my having to leave NYC a bit sooner (tonight) than I thought. There. All square? To up the stakes I'll add even more goodies to the giveaway items and draw TWO winners when I return. So leave me a comment if you want to be entered into the drawing and your name goes into the proverbial pot. Capice?

Speaking of give aways, do you remember that I won Heather's fab Blog Party giveaway? :) Come see what I got:

Everything is so cute! Thanks again, Heather. Also in the mail goodies department, I'm psyched that Peta received my pink and brown swap box and she liked it! Yeah! You can see it here since I was camera-free when I sent this out. Lucy set up a Flicker Gallery for us all to share our pink and brown pix. I'm loving everything so far. The rusty brain wheels are already turning for a spring themed swap so stay tuned.

Now, to get you all caught up on my life, a montage of pictures and babbling:


basket organizer - $3 - um it's wicker AND it organizes? SOLD to the basket loving disorganized crafter in the back!

misc. silver pieces - 10 cents a piece - I almost have a big enough collection to set these out for a party. I'm working on a little tea party for a fellow bride-to-be next month, these will be perfect!

spring form pans - $1 each - I told you I'm going to Betty Crocker it up a bit right?

picnic basket - $3 - the lid is broken but the handles are intact. This is my favorite type of basket.

Florida drink tray - $1 - I love the novelty of this and the bright colors.

bakelite Wustof serving pieces - 10 cents each - I love these! 3 knives and 3 forks. The big meat fork isn't Wustof but it matches and is also bakelite.

rooster chalk board - $2 - I'm going to put a ribbon hanger on this (red with white polka dots?) and hang it in the kitchen

red & white spread - $3 - (under everything) this spread is lovely and I'll share a better picture once it's laundered and on the bed.


I love a good bargain! I was digging around in the clearance section of TJ Max and found these three stockings each marked $2.00! I grabbed them and ran to the register to find out they were 25% off and thus only $1.50 for each. Not that I need stockings or anything but they would make lovely gift wrappings don't you think? That aqua one on top is much cuter than it looks.

AND . . . something THRIFTED in use . . .

For having no children I've been buying a ridiculous amount of stuffed toys at the thrift lately. But seriously, could you have left him behind? Mr. Bun is my first Easter decoration of the season. He's from the Manhattan Toy Company and I got him for a mere $1.45. Don't you love his little waist coat?

That's enough yammering for today I think. As I said, I'm off to Baltimore and may not be back here to post until we return at the end of the month. Have a wonderful and Happy St. Valentine's Day and I'll see you all in a few weeks with my new married name . . .

fondly . . . Rebecca

PS - for all you who have given me encouraging words, congrats and good wishes I THANK YOU sincerely. It means so much more than you know. :)


Lauren said...

Hi there, I am new to all these fun blogs, and hope to get one started soon.

Yours is one of my favorites!

Can you throw my name in to the pot for the drawing?!

Jennifer said...

Best wishes on your upcoming wedding! I wish you all the best, and can't wait to see some pics!

Colleen said...

Oh my goodness! Enjoy your once in a lifetime day. Wallow in the love girl. Please add my name to the pot.

kweaver said...

Congrats on the wedding! I hope being married doesn't take away from your thrifting time :)

Can you add my name to your drawing?

Jen said...

congrats on the wedding, can I get entered in the draw?

Heidi said...

Bakelite for a dime? You're amazing. And getting a swap off the week before you get married? Simply unbelievable!

Congratulations and enjoy the day.

Count me in for the drawing!

Peta said...

All the best for your wedding, I hope you have a great day :) I love that drinks tray, it just stands out.
I have been collecting easter things too, ready for my next centerpiece!

Jennifer said...

Hope you hsve a great wedding and honeymoon. Can't wait until you show pics. That drink tray - I love it! Once again, you did a great job thrifting.

Can you add me to the drawing? Thanks!!!

Pink said...

Congrats on the wedding and have a fab honeymoon. Love the organizer basket. in wicker too!

Add me please thanks, Pink

VaxGirl said...

I can't believe the wedding is just around the corner! Since it has really "warmed up" the last couple of days, I don't really believe we're going to get snow. Have a lovely day and a wonderful honeymoon!

I have the same drink tray! Only I think mine says Disney Land or Disney World on it. hmmm, where did I put that thing...

An Odd Duck said...

I would love to be entered. Great finds. I really like the silver. Shoot me an email when you are back and we can do some thrifting together. I think next weekend I am going to head out to Jamaica, QNS - two salvation armys there.

Shelley said...

I just found your old blog (nycegirl...) and quickly jumped to your new one. I LOOOOVE the ribbon name hanger thing. How does one make something like that? It's beautiful.

Good luck with your wedding, I have to tell you that those hotel boxes look amazing! I wish I'd found this blog last year, those would have been a great idea for our out of town (out of country!) guests.

Looking forward to reading much more from you!


MéLisa said...

Wishing you all the best on your special day! Enjoy it as it goes so fast. Have a wonderful trip & we’ll all be looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back!

Shara said...

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Love, love. love Mr. Bun. I am a bunny fanatic!

knowhimwell said...

Hi Rebecca. I've been enjoying your blog here and there. I get google alerts for "thrifty" so of course your blog shows up. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

Can you put my name in the drawing?


Jane said...

I am so excited for you! My advice is when you are ready to walk down the aisle, pause for just a moment to look at the crowd (or at some point in the reception) and just think all these people are gathered to wish you well and to celebrate with you. My girlfriend told me to do this and it was a great moment. Savor your honeymoon, don't fret about money, you can always pay it off later. Just enjoy!

I can't wait to see pics!

linda t said...

Congrats! You will be in my thoughts as the big day approaches!
Best wishes & blessings & safe travels!

YES, count me in for the drawing!

plongstocking said...

you are quite the shopper! Congrats and enjoy your wedding day!

Yes, please add me to your drawing. I'd love to win.

Lucy said...

Rebecca---I'm so excited for you and your big day tomorrow. Wishing you and Luis all my best. Can't wait to see your pics of your Pink and Brown wedding!!



Becky said...

Good luck on your marriage! Have a lovely honeymoon! I'd love to be in your drawing. Thanks Becky

Patsy Terrell said...

I have used stockings for gifts before and people just love it. I think it reminds us all of being kids.


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