Tuesday, February 06, 2007

General Goodness

I've gone on and on about the kindness of all my crafty blogger friends and swappers so you know how I feel about someone making something for little ol' me. :) I have loads to share this morning in that vein . . .

Are you dying?? Are you GREEN with envy?? You should be. I have been coveting this design since Heidi made it was back for a Thanksgiving swap. All those telepathic messages I was sending her have paid off! Allow me to show the wonderful detail:

As my neighbors to the Northeast would say, "WICKED COOL." Thank you so so much, Heidi!

I also received one of the Cupid Jack Valentines!

Even cuter in person than you can imagine. I'm sure my creativity will start flowing now that I have Jack in the craftroom.

And . . . I received my Pink and Brown swap from Peta! It was cuteness from the moment I opened the package.

Will you look at the GOODNESS?

Lots of cute craft supplies including those adorable pink polka dot bows and tiny spools of thread, yummy hibiscus bath salts, a cute little brown candle holder, a corsage made from a pink hankie, An adorable linen bag embroidered with "dusters" which I'm guessing is where you stash your dust rags? Peta? It has a little ring to hang it from, too. A DELICIOUS handmade lavender sachet that I could smell as soon as the mailman handed me the package:

And do you see those super but salt and pepper shakers? They're teeny:

And did you see my ROO?

Thank you Peta! I love everything. I hope your package arrives soon!

So needless to say, I've had some wonderful mail lately and it's made me such a giddy little girl.

Oh and thanks to Sarah for helping me sort out my new background. What do you think?



An Odd Duck said...

I really like the background. HUM, I may need to work on mine, and I can't wait to take part in a swap. I think I will sign up for the one on vintage swaps, since I missed yours. Odd Duck = envious.

Heidi said...

Love the new background!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Such yumminess,you lucky girl! Love the new background,and what a lovely sachet!

Bee said...

The background is perfect.

You got some great goodies! Love the heart and 'Roo. The banner is fabulous - are they strips of ribbons and fabrics? Love it.

Anonymous said...

Well day-um!!! You got some "goot shtuff" there girly!

(BTW, I mailed my swap today. *round of applause* And Jodi has all the info she needed.)

Leigh Ann said...

That is really a bunch o goodness you've got there. LOVE the banner and all your wedding goodies, too. Can't wait to see your thrifty finds and hear more about the bachelorette time.

Cheers! LA

PS Love your new look, too.

Lucy said...

Well I'm pink with envy :) What a wonderful swap package you recieved from Peta! I didn't take long at all to get to you, I'm impressed!!

Love the garland, too. Heidi works magic with the ribbon again!

Your background is precious. You had better luck than me changing mine. Sarah gave it her all, I kept her up late messing with it last nite. She's a sweetie. I just changed it back to the way it was until I can play some more with the codes (not that I know what I'm doing..lol).


stellarjoolz said...

loving the new background. you got lots of pink and brown goodies! i'm gonna have to mosey on over in march and take a look at all that stuff in person!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the new background! I only wish I had the creativity oozing out of my pores the way you all do! Or I at least wish that I could work less and craft more - then I could just pilfer every one else's fabulous ideas :) -9

Anonymous said...

Boo, forgot to say I like the background too. I was so excited about all the good things you got in the swap!

Hey, I need your mail digits :)

Peta said...


Peta said...

Yay, it's working!
I'm glad that you like your parcel, Rebecca!
I love mine and will blog about it later. Have taken lots of photos - even the cat and kids had fun with the packaging!

Shopaholic D said...

ooh...what lovely goodies you have there! i haven't done any swaps yet, but i can't wait to sign up for one. are you doing another one soon?

:) Diana


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