Monday, April 19, 2010

Picture Perfect

Here I am, last July before the myriad of health issues:

A self portrait that I just love. I made the paper crown to celebrate Independence day and if you find me else where on the web (i.e. Facebook, All Recipes, etc.) you will see this face shining out at you. It's been nothing but craziness since that photo was taken and now I'm on the path to get back to being "picture perfect." Picture Perfect isn't about looking magazine fabulous (though that never hurts!) it's about seeing yourself and thinking "Oh yeah, that's me and I look GREAT." It's about others seeing you and wanting to be around you and absorb all your good energy. Too tree huggy?? You know what I mean.

I have been working on some things.

Another self portrait of Luis and I in Las Vegas last August. I haven't scrapbooked in so long and as soon as I got started I remembered why I love it so much. I heart paper. Oh and scissors, too.

I found the little book at Marshalls and it's been sitting in the craft room forever. Why can't I just USE things? They sit there forever being saved for a better day. I'm done with that. I'm using everything I've saved. This little book will become a book of things I love. Starting with that photo taken about 6 years ago. (What is with me and paper crowns??) I'll share my journal pages as they unfold.

Also in the works is this birthday banner for my dear friend Dana's little boy, Charlie, who will be celebrating his 1st birthday in a few days!

This is coming out really cute and I'll do a post soon on how to make your own from supplies you probably have sitting around your house.

So my head is now above water and I'm healing. It seemed it would never happen. Now go out and be picture perfect!

Fondly ~ Rebecca


Thimbleanna said...

What a cutie you are Rebecca! And I think our supplies, like fine wine, just need to age a bit!

Handi Dandi Mandi said...

Good plan! I think after my crazy April I will need to use some of the crafty stuff I've been holding onto for a "rainy day?"

Kai said...

You are cute, pretty, vibrant, creative, talented, fun, and WELL-deserving of crowns, Rebecca! Big hugs to you!

Jane said...

Hooray! Love the pic of you and your hubby. Those hold the camera way in front pics are always favorites of mine. Glad you are feeling better and back at crafting!

Queenly Things said...

Start small - just clean one square foot at a time. Don't want to overdo.


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