Monday, May 18, 2009

What's on Your Table?

So literally, or figuratively, what's on your table? What are you working on? What plans do you have? Crafts? Cooking? Vacation? Now is the planning season. Even though I don't have to plan around kid's summer vacation as many of you do, the onset of summer brings lots to do. In travels we have a wedding in Baltimore in June and just booked a short vacation to Las Vegas with friends at the end of August.

In crafts, I've been enjoying some simple cross stitch. It's relaxing and easy to pick up and put down as things arise.

Red, white and blue are on my brain now so I've been contemplating some patriot crafts. Any suggestions?

I've been reading through old magazines and pulling out recipes to try. I have plans to buy a kitchen cart to add another workspace and hope to finally dive in to some more complicated meals. I also have plans to redo my laundry room. It's so drab and I feel I spend way too much time in there. So why not pretty it up a bit? I found a sweet wicker chest of drawers that has inspired the makeover style. I'll share that with you soon.

Also on the table are plans to spend more time outside. We started yesterday with a trip to the dog park. Fun was had by all. That's hubby Louie with Mason, Lincoln and Kaiser in Forest Park.

And literally on my craft table is the start of a Goodness Paper Pack I plan to giveaway this week. Sign ups will start Wednesday so please stop by for a visit!

Now tell me your plans! Either leave a comment or do a blog post and leave a link in the comments. I'm sure there are many inspiring ideas to be heard!



Jenn's Crafty World said...

Hmmm...hopefully a trip to Montreal; more card-making; some boring but needed home improvements; resume cross stitcing; a thrifty summer camp a la Mummy; find crafts and activities for thrifty summer camp; lots of picnics and hikes; bake two birthday cakes and maybe take a couple of weekend adventures. Oh, and to try and finally master crochet!
The wishful planning part is always the most fun!

Jane said...

Oh let's see. On the craft table *maybe* a quilt. Maybe. On the vacation front...a trip to see my parents in August. And, just maybe if the stars align just right, I will go house hunting this summer.

BTW- When are sign ups for the next SGS? I have started collecting the patriotic and am so looking forward to it!

Rannyjean said...

A birthday party for 3. Back surgery. A speedy recovery. Cross stitch while I am recovering. Maybe a trip up to coast to Seattle.

Sarabeth said...

Hi Rebecca,
De-lurking again with a more literal answer than you were looking for here, but I just had to tell you this thrift story--your blog post about the fancy yarn store yarn was fresh in my head when I dropped by my Goodwill last Sunday. My store NEVER has craft stuff or vintage linens, but I always glance at the linen bin anyway just in case. On this particular day, next to it was a cardboard box FULL of skeins of yarn. I quickly realized it was *good* yarn and snatched up the whole box and took it to the register to ask the price. The guy was like, "Well, usually we charge 50 cents each..." but then he looked at the overflowing box and said, "Eh, you can have it for $4.99." $4.99 for about 40 balls and hanks of natural-fiber fancy European and Australian yarn--cotton chenille, various wools, silk/linen, cotton, oh my. I let my knitting mother-in-law pick first and then gave the rest to my knit-crazy neighbor. Empty box now on my craft table. (I used to knit but am on a long hiatus because it bothers my wrists.) Anyway, I just had to say your post was my lucky penny--not sure if I would have even thought to look at the box or appreciate what was clearly someone's much-valued stash otherwise. So thank you and enjoy yours!!

Heidi said...

An apron for a wedding shower, then two felt owls for a twins' birthday. Then a summer class I'm teaching and a book manuscript that's due Aug. 1. Finally, we are expecting to hear about a baby from China this summer and maybe travel for her in the fall. Crazy.


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