Wednesday, May 06, 2009



You name it, I feel it. I can't explain it though I'm betting that lack of organization is behind it all. Sigh . . . so I'm going into hyper drive tomorrow to get this place in shape. Not just regular cleaning but real SPRING cleaning. I think that by clearing the cobwebs in the house I'll clear the cobwebs in my mind. What do you think?

Sorry I've been such a crappy blogger as of late. That is also part of the mix. I plan to change that too.

And because I like to have a picture with each post:

Two sweet little sweaters I made for my new little "nephew" Charlie who came into the world around 9:00 pm on Wednesday April 29th. His mother and I have been friends for over 30 years. He's her first child and he's a cute little button. :) The top sweater is from Mason Dixon Knitting and the bottom is from Baby Crochet. Both wonderful go to patterns when I need a good baby gift.

Give away info coming soon!



Danielle said...

Good hard work should clear away all those "dis's":-)

Love the baby sweaters...I wish I could do more than a square dishcloth!

Gloria said...

I feel very overwhelmed when things in my life feel unorganized, in other words I believe I know how your feeling and yes, I think the spring cleaning will help. Well it helps me.
The sweater came out terrific and your friend will love them.

City.Girl.Em said...

Those sweaters are so cute! I'm TOTALLY envious of you being able to read a pattern....I need to learn!

Good luck with your cleaning. It's difficult, I know.

Sandra said...

Beautiful sweaters! You are very talented!

Heidi said...

I was feeling exactly like this last week! Just in a funk in general, unhappy with how everything looks, sick of the messes everywhere, overwhelmed. Thankfully it motivated me to get my rear in gear and actually get something done and since then I've been on a roll! I've completed several silly little projects that have been hanging around or that I've been thinking about for a long time and I have to tell you, it feels so GOOD!

Danielle is right--good hard work will help clear away all the yuck! Make a nice big list and start crossing it off a little at a time. It's amazing what a little organization does for my state of mind.


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