Monday, April 06, 2009

A Tisket, A Tasket . . .

Chenille stem Easter baskets!

I followed these Martha instructions and it was pretty easy. I used stems I already had but I think the pink and gold came out cute!

The white one was made with bumpy stems and is also cute but I think I like the pink better. I plan to put them on my table and fill them with Robin's Eggs candy, what do you think?

I also made this little basket after seeing these on the Martha web page. It's sort of cute, you think? And the cost was only 69 cents for the basket and 69 cents for a bag of artificial flowers and leaves. I want to pick up some kind of grass to put inside and I have a few faux speckled eggs that would be cute in there.

And speaking of Martha, has anyone picked up her A-Z Craft Encyclopedia? I decided to go for it and since I had a nice coupon for the Barnes & Noble I got it for a good price. I like it! There are new projects and also classics from the magazine. One thing I like is that there is a list of basic supplies and then instructions for for each topic including candle and soap making, rubber stamping, paper making, decoupage, you name it. I have already bookmarked a few things to try and hope to share them soon!

L. and I are off to Atlantic City this week to celebrate his birthday. We'll be back before Easter.



Thimbleanna said...

Very cute Rebecca. Have a good trip and Happy Birthday to L!

Shara said...

I got the M.S. Encyclopedia as part of a book club deal - paid 22¢ for it. Surely I can get that much in deals out of it! The glitter section had me giddy. ;o)

Happy trip and Happy Birthday!

Dennis said...

Hi Rebecca
I've enjoyed reading your blog. How can I be part of your next swap? I am a thrifter and crafter. I have a shop on Etsy (ladybags) with only one item now although I plan to sew some more childrens clothes to list. I am a real estate paralegal and have been out of work for over a year (you know what happened to that market!), and have moved with my husband from Charlotte NC to north of Atlanta to be closer to my elderly parents. Love all your pix and stories. . . Please let me know how to swap!! My email address is
Stacia Roble


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