Friday, January 23, 2009

Little Boy Blue

My best friend is having a baby in April. I'm so excited I can't stand it. She knows it's a boy and while I don't really think you have to do the whole "blue is for boys, pink is for girls" thing, my friend likes blue and so do I. I made her a powder blue scarf for Christmas and she loved it. She even said I should make something for the baby from that same yarn.

Well since she doesn't usually read my blog (and I hope she doesn't start until after the shower!) I thought I'd share some of the things I've started for her.

First, a sweater:

It turned out so well! I seriously have a cramp in my arm from patting myself on the back. I'm not the best at seaming but I took my time and did loads of blocking and am very happy with the results. I still need some buttons and some velvet ribbon trim for the collar but this is 95% done and that's a great start! The pattern is from Special Knits by Debbie Bliss. The projects in this book are to die for. Seriously. The yarn is Bernat Cashmere Natural Blends. It's only 5% cashmere but it's deliciously soft and regularly priced at $4.00 a skein. I used 2 1/2 skeins for the sweater, not bad! Plus I have enough left for a matching hat or booties. :)

Second, a blanket:

I am loving this basket weave pattern! I was skeptical at first, it looked pretty wonky but now I think it's darling. The pattern is from Crocheted Afghans by Donna Kooler and it calls for a border that I think I'll be leaving off. This book is a good source for afghan patterns though some are a bit too old fashioned for my taste. I found my copy at the thrift for only a few dollars and I'm glad I picked it up. The yarn is Bernat Cotton Tots which is one of my favorites for baby stuff. I made an afghan for my cousin from this same book and yarn that I really liked, too. I'm half way done and it's going quickly. Of course I am running out of yarn, sigh.

Third, a little stuffed dinosaur:

Yes, he's green and not blue, but I had to mix it up right? He is from Cute Little Animals by Leisure Arts. I made an elephant from this book and have already given it to my pregnant friend. I have the yarn to make the hippo, too, so she'll have a whole set! Now I just need to figure out eyes for my dino. The pattern calls for beads but that's unsafe. I tried black yarn but no go. Felt is next on my list!

And finally, padded hangers:

I am on the fence about these. I mean, I think they are cute but does anyone else? I have three more baby hangers I can cover. Should I make the rest? The pattern is from Baby Crochet by Lois Daykin. I changed the pattern a bit to fit my hangers and added the polka dots instead of the little car she has in the photos. I may do a little car on the next one, or perhaps stripes? What do you think? Oh and I recently picked up Baby Knits by the same author and it's just as adorable as the crochet version. I highly recommend both of these books for cute, modern and easy to read knit and crochet baby patterns.

So that's what I've been up to. Back to my old stand by of knit and crochet. It seems so appropriate in the cold weather, too. :)



Anonymous said...

I'd for sure make the other hangers and a car on them would be so cute.

Jennifer said...

The sweater looks great, as does the blanket! The hanger looks really cute, although a bit puffy... is that batting in there? Maybe a little less puff? Your friend is going to be so psyched!

Anonymous said...

oh my! What talent!

Mom IsAmagpie said...

I love the sweater and the blanket. That's a great shade of Cotton Tots, it's the prettiest blue. The dots on the hanger are fab, they remind me of Dr. Seuss. Have you cnsidered crocheting eyes and sewing them on, I think that might be cute.

Craftdrawer said...

I like the hangers. My daughter in law is due in April also but she wants to be surprised on the sex of the baby so I am making all my stuff in green and yellow for now. Nice work!!!

Jane said...

Everything is wonderful! That sweater looks like a million bucks! I just recently used a bit of felted sweater for fake buttons on a toy and it turned out great. Felted sweater is just that much thicker than regular felt. Made all the difference.

Thimbleanna said...

Ohmygosh Rebecca -- that baby sweater is just adorable!!! It's all great -- as for the hangers -- I would think they'd provide really good shaping for the little baby clothes!

Breanna said...

You are a very, very, very good friend! Everything looks perfect, I love the hangers, along with everything else.

Diane said...

It's unbelievably great crochet work. That sweater is so cute! I know that you are an avid crocheter, but it always amazes me what you create!

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