Friday, January 16, 2009


Gee, I'm doing REALLY WELL on my resolution to blog more! Yikes! Honestly, I don't have too much to talk about at the moment. But soon, yes very soon, I know I will. I have loads of projects planned and a big rummage sale in February that I'm looking forward to.

So in the meantime I thought I would share some of the GORGEOUS ornaments I received from other bloggers for the holidays. Leigh Ann, Lucy, Heidi and I (aka The Goodness Girls) decided to do an ornament swap between the 4 of us. All I can say is WOW.

Leigh Ann's Sugar Plum Button Fairy!

Heidi's soldered Santa ornament!

Don't you love the back? I love how she put Goodness Girls and the year. I wish I had thought of that! We plan to make this a tradition between us with dates every year. :)

Lucy's hand painted Bless This House Ornament!

I know you guys are jealous. ;) I sent them each one of the paper shadow boxes I made. I'm already thinking about what to make next year.

I also received some sweet surprise ornaments in the mail. How did I get so lucky?

A gorgeous fabric and velvet leaves ball from the Queen herself!!

And these two lovely felt ornaments from my dear friend Sid. Don't you LOVE that wish box? You are supposed to write down a wish, put it in the box and comes true! I'm totality craftnapping that idea. And who doesn't love a little red shoe?

So you see I am SO LUCKY to have such crafty good friends.

I'll be back, as promised. For real this time. Oh and since it's been awhile, how about a gratuitous cute puppy picture, hmm??

That boy loves to nap! I love his little polka dotted feet!



Anonymous said...

LOL if I had a bed like that I think I'd nap a lot too. it looks so comfy.

Sarah and Jack said...

Hey chica, I wondered how you were, ltnh.

Citygirl.em said...

Bec, is that Lincoln? He's so cute! I bet he and Mason just love eachother, huh? I hear the Rangers won...good for you guys! Larry and Dave went to that game and Larry was really ticked off about!

Alex M said...

I love it when you post "baby pictures!"

Thimbleanna said...

I love all your fun ornaments Rebecca. What a great idea -- I think I'll suggest a hand-made ornament swap to my quilty peeps!


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