Monday, December 13, 2010

The January List & Holiday Fun

I'm so behind on everything this year including making my January list. Every year at the holidays I make a list of all of those things I really want to do but won't have time to get into until January. Some things on the list this year so far:

1 - Sew new curtains for the kitchen
2 - paint the porch
3 - work on my doll house
4 - organize the pantry

Anyone out there have a January list? This is short for me. lol

We headed into Manhattan on Saturday to take in some holiday goodness.

Ice skating in Bryant Park . . .

We just watched from the side lines. :)

We also saw this:

Charmin put potties in Times Square! You should have seen the line! There was a man outside dressed like a toilet. It was hilarious and honestly, a fabulous idea! Finding a bathroom in the city can be challenging. My husband says he's going to write a book of all the best places to pee in Manhattan. I'm sure we'll be rich. Hmm.

I'm trying to get everything done and not lose the fun of Christmas. I hate when it gets too overwhelming that it's more annoying than jolly. I have some hand made ornaments to share but want to make sure they arrive at their new homes before spoiling the surprise. :) I'm also knitting which is just amazing since I just haven't been inspired lately. Now hopefully I can finish up a few things before the holiday. Wish me luck!



acorn hollow said...

George on seinfeld I think had a list of the best bathrooms. I would love to be in the city for the holidays to see all the amazing window displays.

Thimbleanna said...

How fun to be in NYC at Christmas time. I'm still laughing at the sign that says "the #1 place to go #2" -- that's disgusting LOL!

Jane said...

I don't have a January list yet. But, I do have a this week list- annoying- and a next week list- fun. Right now I am in the too busy to be jolly phase. Next week my vacation starts. Glad you stood on the sidelines! Gotta protect those thrifting legs! The toilets are too funny and the book is a great idea!

He should do a web site with ads!

The Urban Chic said...

'Thanks for sharing your pictures at Bryant Park. I have been to 2 craft shows in December when I went to visit my son and I loved them. I just love that restroom----cute. Hugs, Pat

Elise said...

Hey Rebecca!! I'm glad to see you are doing better!! LOVE the bathrooms-hahaha!!! I know in Europe you have to pay to use a public restroom...
Hope your Christmas Season is MERRY!!


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