Wednesday, February 18, 2009


If you thrift, you collect. I'd almost guarantee it. Thrifting is the epitome of being a hunter gatherer. Don't we all say "it's the thrill of the hunt?" When I thrift I always look for three things. I believe some of us have even have a Triple Crown of finds. I believe mine is:

Vintage Hankies
Vintage Pyrex
Enamel Flower Pins

I think that's it. You know it changes from time to time. I also have my top brands to look for:

Martha Stewart
Le Creuset

So when I say to you, "I have a collection of vintage hankies" or "would you like to see my collection of vintage Waverly fabrics?" you would not be surprised. But have you noticed that sometimes we seem to just end up with collections with out even realizing it?

I cleaned out my craft room recently and one of my sorting techniques was to group like things together. And what did I find? Impromptu collections. Divine!

Apparently, I collect leaf dishes! After I took this picture I realized I have another large blue leaf shaped dish on my dresser. I love the way the colors look together and am looking for a place to display them.

A pin cushion collection. :) Yes, I know, this one doesn't seem too unusual but I never intended to have so many and now must are mearly decorative. I made the tea cup pin cushion (I used to offer them in the shop actually) the tomato was from my Granny's sewing box and I found the big strawberry at the flea market for $1.

And more . . . the froggy from the Treasure Sale looks quite at home with a sweet little shoe, a metal basket and nest pin cushion made by Her Majesty.

The green pin cushion is a gift from Mandi (she found it at the Treasure Sale), the tea cup with the white chenille is one of my creations and the one with the black fabric was made for me by my dear friend Dita. So what's that . . . 10 pin cushions? Oh yes, I collect those. You can also see that hankie collection I mentioned in the photo above. And see that darning egg in the back there? Well it's one of two so I suppose that is a collection as well.

And guess what?

I plan to make this into a pin cushion as well. Will it be number 11? We'll see, I think it may become a gift.

And here is another "on purpose" collection:

My enamel flower pins. I really love them. The green and yellow is the latest addition, another gift from my sister Mandi.

So what do you collect? How do you display your collections? Notice any impromptu collections popping up?

Viva La Thrift



Jennifer said...

LOVE your enamel pins! I am trying to pare down my collections a bit - namely craft supplies.

Sarah and Jack said...

What dont I collect is a more appropriate question.

I have that shoe pincushion too!

(And I have ahem, misplaced the enamel flowers. I am sure I moved them someplace *really* smart....)

Queenly Things said...

This is all VERY useful information. You know just in case I might have part of your collection at my house.

grace said...

Metal kids' lunch boxes. You can see them here:

hunnybunny said...

I love your collections! I am trying to pare down here, but I can't lie I love those leaf dishes! So cute!
PS I loved Star Wars.

Vintage Whimsy said...


I love your collections!! I collect lots of things too. Pyrex, tablecloths, cookbooks, souvenir plates, milk glass. Probably too much stuff really, but I cannot stop. It's addicting.

And I totally agree that it's the thrill of the hunt. I was just talking about this w/ my friend the other day. We were talking about what we'd do if we won the lottery. I told her I'd still shop at thrift stores and she just couldn't understand why I'd do that. I tried to explain that it was all about the thrill of the hunt!! She didn't understand that concept but I think I'll convert her one of these days!


Rachel said...

I have a rat shaped vintage pin cushion. Got in a box of sewing things I bought at a yard sale. I have not, however, taken to collection either rats, OR pincushions--YET. LOL

I've got a collection of the green Haegar pottery...milk glass...

I know that there are others, but those are the ones that come to mind directly.

Heidi said...

Well, the official collection is Heidi books. But also vintage linens, aprons (mostly vintage) and pyrex, and vintage jewelry and sometimes religious kitsch. Finally, YARN!

Saver Queen said...

So fab. I love your collections. I think mine would have to include antique tea cups - i'm not even sure how many i have now - but also a lot of antique kitchen ware in general.

As far as crafts go, I collect, among many other things, netting that encases veggies, fruits and garlic. I'm going to use it up soon for a big art piece (mixed media & acrylic) - can't wait.

Thimbleanna said...

Great collections Rebecca! I sure wish I still had the enamel pins I had when I was a little girl. And, of course, I collect thimbles (sterling) LOL!

Yo! SLB Raps said...

The enamel flower pins are so cute.

Wendy said...

Great collections! Let's see... I collect:

*Fire King/Hazel Atlas
*Taylor Smith Taylor Boutenniere pattern dishes
*Matte Pottery (mostly white but I have one green)
*Wooden handle kitchen utensils
*Old doorknobs/shower knobs

I swear there seems like more, but that's all I can think of right now!

Diane Fay (littlealma) said...

Ah yes - the hunt! My problem is where to put it all? So when people say pyrex, you mean any and all pyrex? And then do you use it all? I LOVE (being Dutch) your wooden shoe planter! If you decide to sell it, would you let me know please? (I can add it to my collection!) (smile!)

Have a great day - hugs from Michigan - Diane

Shara said...

We don't have enough room here to discuss my collections, now do we?????

I collect a lot, but I find myself to be a follower - like the five or six enamel flower pins I bought at one sale last year. You like them, Heidi likes them, so I must like them too, right????

Wendy said...

Hi Rebbeca! Very brave of you ... I was thinking I don't really collect anything - fabric doesn't count, right?! - but then I remembered all my cookie cutters. Yes, I have LOTS of them! It just kind of happened...
Love your pincushions!

Deenna said...

mmm...let's see...

*Stoneware Crocks
*Cheese Graters
*Vintage felt Santas
*Vintage fabric

And well, pretty much anything that sparks my interest! Thanks for sharing your collection!

Diane said...

Great collections! Love those leaf dishes...

Collections include:
teacups and saucers
vintage pillowcases
bias tape

I mean, what am I going to do with 80 packages of bias tape?? But I just. can't. stop.

Lucy said...

I've seriously cut down on my thrifting because my art supplies in and of themselves have taken over my house...boxes of canvases, totes holding all my artwork, rolling carts holding all my supplies..the list goes on and BUT when I do get a chance to go out, I'm re-building my collection of cool serving platters. I also like sugar and creamer sets but only have three :) email crashed. Could you send me a message as I need to rebuild my address book. I can't access anything on my PC but I can on my new laptop so I have to reconnect with everyone in my old address book.

Erin said...

your pin collection is fabulous!!

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